Cisco Wireless Security Suite

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Silver Award:

Cisco Wireless Security Suite

Readers applauded the Cisco Wireless Security Suite for its scalability, integration with wired security management systems, vendor support and granular and flexible policy creation, earning the product the silver medal.

The set of products provides intrusion detection, an integrated authentication framework and scalable centralized security management. WPA and WPA2 security is supported for authentication and data encryption.

The product allows IT organizations to take readings and monitor what is in their airspace, whether there are threats, rogue access points, and more, says Chris Kozup, senior manager of mobility solutions at Cisco.

Cisco offers three wireless security solutions: a PCI product for retail environments, aiding in compliance with the PCI DSS; a version of Cisco NAC for wireless networks; and a policy and compliance solution that helps companies align IT networks and systems with business strategy and policy.

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