Citrix Access Gateway (2008)

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Secure Remote Access

Bronze Award:

Citrix Access Gateway (2008)

Citrix gets the bronze in this category for its Citrix Access Gateway, an SSL VPN that can securely deliver applications with policy-based SmartAccess control. Citrix's patent-pending SmartAccess technology allows administrators to control access and actions based on the user and the endpoint device. For example, a user may have full access (read, save locally, print, etc.) to a set of files when utilizing his or her office PC, but may be restricted to read-only access when connecting through an unrecognized kiosk device.

Similarly, if an employee tries to log in to the corporate network via a home PC that does not have an active antivirus update service, that employee may not be able to access certain mission-critical systems. With SmartAccess, administrators are provided ultimate flexibility in developing and implementing corporate security policies, Citrix says.

The Access Gateway product line provides secure access to Windows and UNIX applications, Web applications, Citrix Presentation Server-hosted applications, network file shares and telephony services using VoIP softphones. No application customization is required to use these features.

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