Citrix Password Manager

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Identity & Access Management

Bronze Award:

Citrix Password Manager

Enterprise single sign-on (ESSO) is an essential tool in complex business environments, bringing order to the mishmash of authenticating users to multiple applications and platforms. Citrix Password Manager fills the bill for readers who gave it the bronze medal.

When coupled with Citrix's flagship product, Presentation Server, Password Manager can deliver clientless SSO access to applications through a published browser or desktop, Web Interface for Presentation Server or Windows Terminal Server via its ICA presentation protocol on a LAN connection.

Password Manager simplifies administrative chores and strengthens security. Strong password policies, and automatically enforced scheduled changes, can be applied to automated and password changes, transparent to users, who need only worry about their network log-on. Batch password provisioning secures the rollout of new applications.

Password Manager integrates with numerous multifactor authentication products, including smart cards, tokens and biometric devices.

Password Manager scored highest in end user transparency and ease of use, ease of installation, configuration and administration, and vendor service and support.

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