IBM WebSphere DataPower XML Security Gateway XS40

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IBM WebSphere DataPower XML Security Gateway XS40

IBM WebSphere DataPower XML Security Gateway XS40

As more companies begin exposing Web services outside the network--to business partners, for example--they are abandoning proprietary EDIs for open standards such as XML, Ajax and mashup frameworks. Securing exchanges between applications becomes paramount, and Information Security readers acknowledge the trend with the gold medal for IBM's WebSphere DataPower XML Security Gateway XS40.

This is the second consecutive win in this category for the DataPower product; readers were high on its effectiveness in reporting and preventing known attacks, as well as the frequency of updates, and support from IBM.

The XS40 parses, filters and validates XML schema. It verifies digital signatures, and signs and encrypts XML messages, beyond acting as a security checkpoint for XML traffic and Web services messages.

Gari Singh, product manager for SOA appliances at IBM, says Big Blue has made considerable engineering investments in DataPower since acquiring it in 2005. Theses include refinements to XACML (Extensible Access Control Markup Language) and the WS-Security standard, as well more work on service registries and repositories.

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