IronPort Email Security Appliances

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IronPort Email Security Appliances

IronPort Email Security Appliances

Lauded by readers for their ability to detect and block spam, phishing attempts and viruses, email security appliances from IronPort Systems, a business unit of Cisco Systems, won top honors.

Readers also gave the devices high marks for ease of use and ability to integrate with existing messaging applications. IronPort email security appliances use a multi-layered security architecture to fight spam, including reputation filters and context-based antispam filters. They use a similar multi-pronged approach to fighting viruses, employing virus outbreak filters and third-party antivirus signatures.

IronPort's reputation filters and virus outbreak filters leverage data gathered by the vendor's SenderBase global email and Web traffic monitoring network to provide added protection from email-based malware; automatic alerts and rule updates are sent directly to the appliances. The devices run on IronPort's proprietary operating system, AsyncOS, and feature continuous rule updates to maintain high accuracy.

The product line is designed to meet the needs of any size company, from small businesses to large corporations and ISPs.

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