Juniper Unified Access Control (with Infranet Controller Appliances)

Symantec Security Information Manager


Silver Award:

Juniper Unified Access Control (with Infranet Controller Appliances)

Juniper, like Cisco, is a hardware company through and through and as such, has used its expertise in building enterprise-class routers and switches to develop a line of high-performance NAC appliances.

The Unified Access Control boxes, combined with the company's Infranet Controller Appliances, finished second in this category.

The UAC appliances are designed for organizations from small businesses all the way up through large global enterprises, and include feature sets designed to meet the disparate needs of these companies. Like other NAC appliances, the UAC system includes an agent that sits on the endpoint and collects user credentials and also assesses the security posture of the machine. The agent can be installed dynamically as unknown machines attempt to connect to the network, and administrators can enforce policy at a number of different points in the network, including any 802.1x-enabled switch.

Readers gave the UAC appliances strong ratings for their range of policy checks and for integration with existing infrastructures. Juniper's scalability also impressed users.

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