Mu-4000 Security Analyzer

Cisco PIX Security Appliance Series

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Mu-4000 Security Analyzer

How secure are your network and security tools? Whether you're a corporate user, a vendor or a consultant, you'll use the Mu-4000 Security Analyzer to conduct torture tests that will expose even zero-day vulnerabilities. The Mu-4000 bombards products with malicious traffic, laying bare flaws before attackers discover and exploit them. Organizations can use Mu-4000 to test existing tools or reveal weaknesses in products they're considering buying and deploying. Ed Skoudis, writing in Information Security about this class of tools ("Don't Just Kick the Tires," December 2006), called the Mu-4000 "the most comprehensive of the testing tools we analyzed, offering well-designed inline and target mode testing options. The Mu-4000 is outstanding for its protocol fuzzing, target monitoring and user interface."

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