Netgear ProSafe Wireless VPN Firewall

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Bronze Award:

Netgear ProSafe Wireless VPN Firewall

ProSafe VPN Firewalls combine 802.11g wireless access, IPsec VPN, NAT router and an eight-port Fast Ethernet switch in one package. Readers gave the series high marks, lauding its attacker detection, access control and wired security management system integration features.

The FWG114P version includes a stateful packet inspection firewall, deep-packet inspection IPS, denial-of-service protection and logging, reporting and alert features.

Netgear's DGFV338 and FVG318 editions also feature IPsec VPN (eight dedicated tunnels) and a stateful packet inspection firewall to monitor for denial-of-service attacks, URL filtering, replay attacks and more. The DGFV338 is suited for small business and remote offices. The FVG318 is also for small networks, but can be integrated into larger environments.

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