Novell Identity Manager (2008)

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Novell Identity Manager (2008)

Novell Identity Manager (2008)

Buying information security technology has often been compared to buying life insurance, but user identity provisioning is one category that has offered quick, measurable ROI from the start. Novell Identity Manager, this year's identity management winner, is widely regarded as a leader in this market, automating user provisioning to get employees what they need--and only what they need--to get to work quickly.

A key part of Novell's suite of identity management tools, centered on its eDirectory LDAP service, Identity Manager resolves the perennially slow, labor-intensive and often insecure task of provisioning users with access to the applications, information and tools they require. Role-based provisioning makes assignments by business role and policies, and automated workflows assure that changing work needs are implemented quickly and accurately.

Access is cut promptly and accurately as roles change or employees are terminated. In addition to providing cost savings, this helps meet security and regulatory requirements that employees cannot access information they shouldn't see.

Identity Manager users particularly liked its user transparency, ease of use, scalability and, most important, ROI.

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