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RSA Access Manager

Access control was relatively straightforward when data and applications were largely restricted to business silos -- your company, your division, your department. That's all changed as Web-based access has enabled vast business opportunities -- accompanied by complex access management and security issues.

RSA Access Manager is among the top products in the Web-based access control market, designed to bring order to the formidable task of giving employees, partners and customers quick and appropriate access via intranets, extranets, portals and Internet-facing applications.

To manage this maze of access privileges to disparate back-end data stores, Access Manager provides highly flexible role-based policies, including appropriate security/authentication controls (e.g., passwords for one level, tokens or biometrics for another). This level of control is essential for regulatory compliance as well as internal and partner security mandates.

Single sign-on (SSO) capabilities, a key component of Web-based access control tools, simplify the user experience and reduce cost by centralizing user management and reducing help desk calls for password resets.

Access Manager scored well with users for scalability, integration and compatibility with multiple directory stores, authentication products, etc., and extensibility.

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