Symantec Security Information Manager

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Symantec Security Information Manager

Symantec Security Information Manager

Readers gave Symantec's Security Information Manager the gold medal in the security information event management category, giving it high marks in event correlation, archiving and ease of deployment.

The SIEM appliance collects and manages event data using sensors that are deployed on targeted systems.

The software also aids in responding to security threats by applying risk analysis metrics to the collected data. It then prioritizes a threat list based on the organization's specific configurations, patch levels and known vulnerabilities tracked by Symantec through its Global Intelligence Network.

Built-in ticketing and workflow features also help document the response process to quickly remediate threats once they are identified.

Symantec says the tool can help organizations comply with PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations using a log storage feature that doesn't need a major investment in hardware or storage. It allows users to review, conduct analysis and build reports based on the data.

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