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TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems

TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems

Say "network intrusion prevention" and the name TippingPoint almost surely will come up. Its powerful range of high-performance appliances has established the company's strong position among signature-based IPS vendors. Readers' Choice respondents backed that reputation, awarding TippingPoint Intrusion Prevention Systems appliances gold in a highly competitive category.

Readers gave TippingPoint high marks across every IPS criteria. In particular, it stood out for its ability to effectively and accurately detect and stop malicious traffic, frequency of signature updates and response to new threats, and the ability to tune the appliances to reduce false positives.

Using custom ASICs, high-performance processors and a 20 Gbps backplane, TippingPoint IPS is known for low latency, a critical factor as enterprises need IPS tools that detect and/or block threats without false positives and without slowing traffic, especially in QoS-sensitive environments.

TippingPoint IPS complements its signature-based detection with strong network features, enabling traffic classification and rate shaping. It establishes a baseline of normal traffic to establish automatic thresholds and throttling to prioritize key applications.

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