Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Appliance

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Bronze Award:

Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Appliance

Readers gave Trend Micro's InterScan Web Security Appliance high marks for granular, flexible policy creation and enforcement, as well as for its ability to detect known Web-based threats.

Chip Epps, senior product marketing manager for Trend Micro, breaks down the InterScan Web Security Appliance's success into three parts: reputation-based Web threat protection, enforced malware scanning, and the validation of Java applets and ActiveX components. The product's reputation engine--and the feedback it receives from its vast network of customers--helps monitor domain registrations and allow the blocking of malicious content before it reaches the gateway.

Using reputation filters on inbound and outbound traffic allows the product to stop malware like botnets from connecting to known suspicious sites. The appliance also analyzes mobile code and scans inbound content for malware.

NOTABLE Trend Micro's Damage Cleanup Service is an additional option for endpoints whose health needs to be restored; the add-on removes malware and repairs system registries and memory.

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