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Problem solve Oct 23, 2006

Switching database to archive log mode

I have a database that is not in archive log mode that is going to be changed to archive log mode. I'm trying to plan how often I'll have to back up the archived log files and how much space I will need to hold ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Aug 08, 2005

Receiving ORA-313 and ORA-312 errors when trying to open database

I have a cold backup of my Oracle 9i database. Recently, I tried to start it up but the database could not be opened. I decided to use the cold backup to restore the database, but the problem remained. Continue Reading


Problem solve Jul 19, 2006

Importing table structure only to new schema

How do I import the table structure only to another schema with a different tablespace for data, as well as for constraints? Continue Reading


Problem solve Apr 19, 2006

Importing 8i dump to 9i

How can I import an Oracle8i database dump to Oracle9i? Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 15, 2006

Size of catalog database

I want to create a catalog database for my primary and standby databases. The size of the primary database is 1.6TB, so what should be the size of the catalog database or tablespace? Continue Reading


News Mar 05, 2002

CRM Summit: Gartner highlights cutting-edge CRM

Gartner gave a nod to General Motors, Canada Post and Bank One for their forward-thinking CRM strategies. Several common elements run through these companies' initiatives. Continue Reading


News Mar 06, 2002

Microsoft: We're sticking to the CRM mid-market

Even before the ink dried on Microsoft's CRM press release, speculation was running amuck. Would the Redmond giant really stick to the mid-market or is this latest move just a first step toward tackling the ... Continue Reading


News Mar 04, 2002

CRM Summit: Strategy is king, but execution rules

CRM is not a strategy in and of itself, but rather a tool to help deliver on broader business goals, according to the keynote speaker opening Gartner's CRM Summit. Continue Reading


News Mar 12, 2002

Case study: AdaptCRM rids WPI of double data entry

Adapt Software, the subject of this week's searchCRM Vendor Selection Series, is helping out WPI with tools for mail merges, call backs and scheduling interoffice reminders that integrate with the company's new ERP... Continue Reading


Manage Mar 19, 2002

The top five tips for CRM strategy

SearchCRM polled a range of leading industry analysts to get their top 5 tips for successful CRM strategy. Here are the results. Continue Reading