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News Nov 28, 2005

Study: Office likely location for laptop lifts

A recent study by Credant Technologies found the office to be the most common place for a laptop to be stolen, despite physical security measures. Of laptops that are filched, about 90% contain sensitive ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 18, 2005


News Feb 09, 2004

Wi-Fi not the only game in town

Over the next five years, spending on Wi-Fi services and equipment is expected to reach $163 billion worldwide. But it's far from the only wireless technology to watch. Continue Reading


Manage Feb 03, 2010

Managing mobile authentication methods

Find tips for managing mobile authentication methods and learn how to control what mobile laptops, PDAs and smartphones can and cannot do inside your network. Continue Reading


Dec 06, 2004

AOP Panel at JavaOne 2004

Understand problems and solutions that users faced when using AOP and how it can be adapted in the future. Continue Reading


Oct 01, 2002

Speeding Up J2EE Development and Increasing Reusability Using a Two Level Domain Model

When developing an EJB tier that implements non-trivial business logic, a good strategy for tackling complexity and improving maintainability is to design and implement a domain model, which is an object model of ... Continue Reading


Aug 01, 2003

JDO 2.0 Kickoff Meeting

When you think of a JCP meeting about a JSR what do you envision? Many people on the outside probably feel like the JCP is a mysterious secret society. Vendors meet together and "plot" the course of a specification. Continue Reading


May 01, 2003

From the Trenches Series: db BausparenOnline

The first application in this series is the db BausparenOnline application, designed to Internet-enable a large bank's mainframe system. This application was jointly developed and submitted by a customer and ... Continue Reading


Jun 01, 2004

Selecting Functions that Optimize Performance

Developing performance-oriented JDBC applications is not easy. JDBC drivers do not throw exceptions to tell you when your code is running too slow. Continue Reading


Apr 01, 2008

Why should you combine Reliable Messaging with Distributed Caching?

Event distribution is performed using messaging systems such as JMS servers, MicroSoft MSMQ, IBM MQ Series, Tibco Rv, etc (these messaging platforms are also the underpinnings for most SOA/ESB platforms). At the ... Continue Reading