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catalog: In computing, a catalog is a directory of information about data sets, files, or a database.

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Manage Jun 14, 2001


Problem solve Aug 14, 2008

RMAN catalog backup: One catalog vs. multiple catalogs

Database Backup and Recovery expert Brian Peasland explains why the best approach is to have one Recovery Catalog for all databases. Continue Reading


Manage Jun 13, 2001

Domain catalog ACL tip

Change the [LocalDomainServers] entry from Reader access to Editor with Delete on the CATALOG.NTF template. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 15, 2006

Size of catalog database

I want to create a catalog database for my primary and standby databases. The size of the primary database is 1.6TB, so what should be the size of the catalog database or tablespace? Continue Reading


Problem solve Sep 26, 2005

Differences between R/3 product catalog, CRM product catalog

Curious about the product catalog types and various ways to create the product catalog? CRM expert Srini Katta answers those questions, as well as addresses the differences between the R/3 product catalog and the ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 02, 2006

Creating an RMAN catalog

I have created the RMAN database and the rman/rman user. I created the tablespace. Not too clear about the catalog. Do I need to run a script or package to create a catalog? Once the catalog is created, what ... Continue Reading


Problem solve Jan 13, 2005

Using NFS to create image catalog entries

Install cumulative PTFs by using image catalogs. Continue Reading


Problem solve Oct 07, 2005

Repairing a damaged COM+ catalog

If your COM+ catalog becomes damaged, programs that rely on COM+ and registered COM+ services won't work properly. Find out how you can repair a damaged COM+ catalog. Continue Reading


Problem solve Dec 15, 2006

Two catalog databases for primary and standby?

Is creating two catalog databases for primary and standby the proper option, or should I keep a backup of the primary and standby databases on one catalog database? Continue Reading


Manage Mar 31, 2003

Viewing all databases in the catalog

This tip describes how to view all databases in the catalog. Continue Reading