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  • Introduction to iCloud Keychain: Security for password synchronization

    ICloud Keychain can supposedly sync passwords across devices without using iCloud. But is it secure? Security expert Michele Chubirka explains.

  • How to block Dropbox and implement a winning cloud data storage policy

    Cloud-based storage introduces a number of risks, but banning these services outright is unlikely to generate the desired results.

  • Buying cloud-based UTM by the hour: Pros and cons

    Should enterprises deploy cloud-based UTM when it's billed by the hour? Brad Casey discusses the pros and cons of the offering.

  • Beat the security odds with a cloud risk equation

    Despite the enormous concerns around cloud security, many information security professionals remain on the sidelines when it comes to their organization's cloud deployments and services. Cloud...

  • What to do when shadow IT risks move to the cloud

    Shadow IT isn't new, but now it's climbed into the cloud. Get a grip on it the old-fashioned way, with discovery, monitoring and interdiction.

  • Cloud wars

    In this week’s Computer Weekly, cloud users are set to benefit from cheaper services as Google and Amazon start a price war. The mainframe is still not dead yet – we look at 50 years of the IBM mainframe. And we assess the latest...

  • Best of cloud security 2013

    See which vendors' offerings our readers voted to be the best cloud security products of the year in our 2013 Readers' Choice Awards.

  • Is cloud-based DDoS mitigation better than in-house DDoS protection?

    Discover the benefits of cloud-based DDoS mitigation and uncover when a cloud service is more viable than in-house DDoS protection.

  • cloud bursting

    Cloud bursting is an application deployment model in which an application runs in a private cloud or data center and bursts into a public cloud when the demand for computing capacity spikes.

  • cloud spanning

    Cloud spanning is a cloud delivery model in which an application requiring a large pool of computing resources is deployed over multiple cloud environments (private cloud, public...

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