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data: In computing, data is information that has been translated into a form that is more convenient to move ...

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News May 04, 2006


News Oct 25, 2007

Static data / temporal data

By separating semantically static data from semantically temporal data, database design could easily withstand the periodic change of business requirements. Continue Reading


News May 15, 2008

Bad data

What appears to be bad data may not be bad data at all. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 16, 2006

Data mining project: Exploring data

Part of any data mining project is learning about and understanding the nature of your data. Learn ways to view your data with SQL Server 2005 data mining. Continue Reading


Jun 30, 2008

Data Synchronization

This section of the chapter excerpt tackles synchronizing data in the data hub. Continue Reading


Manage Jul 25, 2001

Data improvement

Find out what data errors you need to look for to clean your data for mining. Continue Reading


News Feb 01, 2007

Data stewards

What is the role of a data steward? Continue Reading


News Aug 21, 2008

Data correction

David Loshin suggests instituting some straightforward controls over data correction to prevent arbitrary modifications to customer data. Continue Reading


Jun 30, 2008

Data Quality

This section of the chapter excerpt explores data quality, one of the key components of data strategy and governance and one of the core requirements for Master Data Management. Continue Reading


Problem solve Mar 14, 2007

Data mart vs. data warehouse

Craig Mullins explains various definitions of a data mart and sheds some light on the complexity of its relation to a data warehouse. Continue Reading