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  • database abstraction layer

    A database abstraction layer is a simplified representation of a database in the form of a written description or a diagram. Abstraction, in general, is the process of taking away or removing characteristics from...

  • For a PCI-compliant database, implement database security controls

    Expert Mike Chapple details the necessary database security controls that an organization must implement to achieve a PCI-compliant database.

  • graph database

    A graph database, also called a graph-oriented database, is a type of NoSQL database that uses graph theory to store, map and query relationships.  A graph database is essentially a...

  • Quiz: Database security issues

    This 10-question quiz will test your knowledge of the key points we’ve covered in the webcast, podcast and tip in this database security school lesson.

  • Understanding database security issues

    This presentation takes a look at vulnerabilities that directly affect database security and what enterprises should do to monitor database access to detect potential security incidents.

  • Database security issues

    The start of many data security issues is, of course, the database. In this security school, we'll examine the predominant database security vulnerabilities and offer best practices on how to monitor...

  • Oracle NoSQL Database

    The Oracle NoSQL Database is Oracle's answer to the non-relational database.

  • How to prevent SQL injection attacks (without a costly code review)

    Research from IBM's X-Force team reports that 26% of the breaches in the first half of 2013 can be attributed to SQL injection attacks. What are the easiest ways to prevent SQL injection attacks without convincing the operations team to...

  • Building the business case for a formal patch management program

    I'm building the business case that we should patch our production database more frequently; we patch only once a year, and even then only "critical" issues. What's the best way to make the case?

    Data is the main target of any...

  • July 2014 Oracle CPU: Java security problems persist

    Oracle Corp.'s third quarterly Critical Patch Update of 2014 delivered fixes for a total 113 vulnerabilities across 13 of its product lines, including patches for a number of serious Java vulnerabilities that highlight the security risk of...

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