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Aug 13, 2003


Manage Aug 13, 2003


Apr 15, 2008

Private network secures schools

The Association of Independent Schools NSW (AIS) has launched a combined network, internet gateway and portal for schools. Continue Reading


Jun 25, 2000

A primary school network

St Peter’s Junior, Middle and Infant School in St Albans fancies it may be one of the most comprehensively IT-equipped schools in... Continue Reading


Jan 15, 2003

Cash for school IT

The Government has outlined its plan to boost technology in schools and colleges following last year's spending review, which... Continue Reading


News Aug 12, 2004

SOA School Quiz

Watch our SOA School series and see if you can spot the answers to the quiz questions. Continue Reading


Jun 03, 2004

Backup school: Quiz three

Test your knowledge of Backup School lessons 7-9 with this quiz. Continue Reading


Nov 09, 2001

Schools fail Net test

Britain's schools are failing to offer enough pupils access to the Internet, despite a sharp increase in the number of computers... Continue Reading


May 02, 2005

SAN School: Lesson 9

In lesson 9 of's "SAN School", professor Christopher Poelker discusses the merits of backup over the SAN. Continue Reading


Nov 27, 2006

Active Directory security school: Management

Lesson two of the Active Directory security school. Continue Reading