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Jan 05, 2009


May 03, 2010

Are you Twitter Literate?

Test yourself. A tech vocabulary quiz - Twitter terms and technology. Test yourself. Continue Reading


May 09, 2014

Twitter announces security improvements

Twitter has introduced enhanced user identification processes as part of efforts to boost security Continue Reading


Feb 25, 2010

Yahoo partners with Twitter

Yahoo has announced a global partnership with Twitter which will see the companies integrate their services. Continue Reading


Aug 04, 2009

Twitter filters malicious weblinks

Twitter has introduced a filter to stop users posting links to malicious websites, security...

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Sep 17, 2009

Twitter revives trading pits

Traders are using Twitter to share information about companies and markets trends.

According to a Financial...

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Mar 22, 2013

BBC Twitter feeds breached

The BBC is the latest high-profile organisation to have its Twitter feed breached Continue Reading


Sep 13, 2013

Twitter to go public

After years of speculation, Twitter has finally announced that it has applied for an initial public offering Continue Reading


Apr 04, 2014

Turkey lifts Twitter ban

Turkey has lifted a ban on Twitter after the constitutional court ruled that the block breached freedom of expression Continue Reading


Jun 03, 2009