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  • This PowerShell module takes control of NTFS permissions

    One simple install of the File System Security PowerShell Module can help manage NTFS permissions for user access to folders. Continue Reading

  • Maximize your ROI with cloud storage management

    While cloud storage may seem simple, there's a lot to consider to maximize ROI. Make sure security, metadata and management are top of mind. Continue Reading

  • What to look for in secure file transfer products

    As the prospect of significant breaches grows, the argument for secure file transfer becomes more compelling—but what exactly are you buying?

    At its most basic, file transfer technology is simply a mechanism to transport a file from one system to another system over a network. Secure file transfer also involves some sort of reliable delivery, even if it’s just provided by TCP/IP conventions. Most secure file transfers are based on standard protocols such as the Secure File Transfer Protocol or secure copy.

    What makes file transfers confusing is that there are several ways to provide security. The most sophisticated type is known as managed file transfer, and it adds a wide variety of management, auditing, automation, security and reliability features to secure file transfers.

    This Buyer’s Essentials Guide reviews the key features in secure file transfer products so readers can make an informed purchase decision. Continue Reading

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