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  • Best Practices for Secure Texting in Healthcare

    As healthcare providers and vendors seek information about how to safeguard personal health information (PHI), texting is one area that without question carries a great deal of risk. It's convenient, but unsecured texting of PHI opens healthcare organizations up to additional scrutiny, at best; at worst, lawsuits and fines.

    In this handbook, experts explain how secure texting policies can enable convenience in healthcare organizations but still comply with HIPAA regulations. First, contributor David Weldon examines the role that corporate culture plays in stressing the importance of secure communications throughout the organization. Next, news and features writer Shaun Sutner offers tips from a lawyer on how to combat the dangers of unsecured texting of PHI in healthcare. Finally, contributor Reda Chouffani looks at data breaches in healthcare statistics from 2015 and provides insights into how you can protect your organization against breaches.

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  • Cloud-based analytics best practices demand clean data

    A successful cloud-based analytics implementation depends on following best practices to ensure that data from all sources is clean and current. Here are some tips. Continue Reading

  • 15 field-proven disaster recovery test plan best practices

    Disaster recovery tests require a lot of preparation, but they are essential to a proper DR strategy. This checklist will help your organization before, during and after DR testing. Continue Reading

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