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  • Protecting cloud networks against DDoS and DoS attacks

    DDoS and DoS attacks are simple to implement but more difficult to prevent. How can these attacks on cloud services be avoided? Continue Reading

  • botnet sinkhole

    A botnet sinkhole is a target machine used by researchers to gather information about a particular botnet. Sinkholing is the redirection of traffic from its original destination to one specified by the sinkhole owners. The altered destination is known as the sinkhole. (The name is a reference to a physical sinkhole, into which items apparently disappear.) Continue Reading

  • peer-to-peer botnet (P2P botnet)

    A peer-to-peer botnet is a decentralized group of malware-compromised machines working together for an attacker’s purpose without their owners’ knowledge.  Just as in the traditional botnet, which includes a command-and-control server, the bots are typically infected with a Trojan horse and are often used for sending spam or performing DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks. Continue Reading

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