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  • Bimodal IT operations: Myths vs. facts

    With two-speed IT delivery gaining popularity, it is time to dispel the myths about bimodal IT operations and understand the modes of deployment being used. Kurt Marko explains. Continue Reading

  • Hyper-converged infrastructures: Game changer or vendor push?

    Hyper-converged infrastructures, which combine computing, storage, networking and virtualization in the same box, promise hardware cost savings and IT efficiency. Or at least that's what hyper-convergence product vendors tout. But does the technology live up to the vendor hype? Moreover, could the promised benefits of hyper-converged systems oust conventional on-premises architectures and public cloud?

    In this SearchCIO handbook, Site Editor John Moore explores the possible benefits of hyperconverged infrastructures and why some IT execs say not to focus solely on the cost benefits. In our second piece, CTO Niel Nickolaisen outlines five critical questions he asked before making the decision on a hyper-convergence vendor. In our last piece, Taneja Group analyst Mike Matchett goes through the five major benefits of hyper-converged architectures.

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  • Solidify AWS plans with this expert advice

    Whether exploring new workloads or seeking to improve dragging performance, our SearchAWS experts cover all elements of the AWS cloud. These tips were particularly popular in early 2016. Continue Reading

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  • AWS dashboard makeover only masks underlying blemishes

    The AWS Management Console was recently revamped with a new UI. But billing, search and synchronization issues still irk AWS customers, who rely on the console for many services. Continue Reading

  • AWS coding options allow ops and dev to speak same language

    AWS supports a variety of programming languages. But instead of looking to the newest language, it's more important to take into consideration your development team and its skills. Continue Reading

  • How to change up your channel business model

    "It seemed if we didn't invest heavily in growing our services organization, then we’d end up behind the curve." That was said by Barry Shevlin, CEO of Vology, about his company’s decision to transition from its product-centric focus to an IT services business model.

    Vology, like so many other channel firms today, was faced with tacking its sails in a new direction, resulting in a shift in its overall channel business model. According to consulting firm PartnerPath, partners make business model transitions at least three to four times in their careers. Making that transition can be difficult -- and often expensive -- because not only does it demand a new skill set and pricing strategies, it can involve different approaches to sales and marketing and managing vendor relationships. It's a task that can potentially touch every aspect of your organization.

    In this three-part guide, we offer insight on what goes into channel business model transitions, whether it's a switch from selling products to selling services, a move into managed services, or a cloud play. You'll get an overview of the main considerations that go into a transition. You'll also learn how Vology, a $200-million solution provider and integrator, transformed to stay ahead of the curve. Finally, we'll show you the key differences between managing traditional vendors and cloud vendors. Get ready to tackle the big changes.

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