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  • The diverse use cases for cloud in healthcare

    Healthcare cloud services come in various forms, including analytics models and system backups. Those are two of the reasons cloud has the attention of health IT professionals. Continue Reading

  • Getting up to speed in the data management technology market

    Big data and cloud computing have transformed today's data management technology market. Whether it's by augmenting traditional data warehousing models, allowing small organizations to realize the power of business intelligence (BI), or helping healthcare providers tackle vast stores of electronic health data, these developments are causing customers to rethink the role of data in their organizations.

    In this three-part guide, we examine where your channel business may fit into the areas of data warehousing and BI. First, we look at opportunities coming out of the confluence of big data software and traditional data warehousing systems. Next, we explore how cloud technology has reshaped the BI market in both good and bad ways -- good in that it has made BI more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses; bad in that it has eroded project margins. Finally, we focus in on data management technology in the healthcare vertical, where a demand for data warehouses has created significant hosting opportunities.

     Continue Reading

  • cloud file syncing

    Cloud file syncing is an application that updates files held in different locations through the cloud. Continue Reading

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