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  • How does user behavior analytics compare to security awareness training?

    User behavior analytics is emerging as a technology to prevent malware infections and end-user attacks, but how viable is it? Expert Nick Lewis outlines the pros and cons. Continue Reading

  • Telemedicine security has the attention of providers

    Healthcare organizations willing to take on remote monitoring projects should allow their IT teams time to craft a telemedicine security plan. Continue Reading

  • Is it time for a DLP system in your enterprise?

    It’s been a relatively quiet few months in data loss prevention. Not as commonly deployed as firewalls and malware protection, DLP has proven itself as a worthy security control, and its role may continue to grow. The environment DLP seeks to protect has been in a process of radical remaking, as mobile and cloud technology steamroll through the enterprise.

    It’s time for a fresh look at DLP.

    In this three-part guide, Kevin Beaver looks at where the technology is headed -- threat intelligence, the cloud and more. Next, Rob Shapland homes in on the cloud, and what it really means for DLP. Rich Mogull wraps up with a consideration of the main question: Does your enterprise really need DLP?

    Information security pros will want to read this guide to get the latest on DLP developments, better understand the logistics of placing their DLP in the cloud and simply deciding how much investment if any their enterprise should put into a DLP program. Continue Reading

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  • Mobile payment systems can boost data security, but are not risk free

    Infosec professionals worry that mobile payment systems will increase the risk of data breaches, but experts argue their fears are overblown. Continue Reading

  • Insider Edition: Advanced security monitoring scrubs networks clean

    The era of the Internet of Things, bring your own devices and social media has also become an era of highly sophisticated malware. Advanced security monitoring tools are crucial in the fight to protect the enterprise network.

    This Insider Edition of Information Security offers the latest on these tools and how IT pros can best benefit from them. First, we review their newest capabilities, which include the ability to collect and scour immense amounts of data; some tools also have a capacity for learning. Next we talk to network security pros on the frontline, and how they are employing security monitoring tools. Finally, we examine the endpoint protection market, which was jolted back to life by demands for new levels of network protection in an era of smartphones and smartwatches.

    This issue provides network and security IT pros with step-by-step guidance so they can decide what advanced security monitoring tools are right for their network’s particular needs. Continue Reading

  • Is a data breach warranty worth the investment?

    A data breach warranty may seem like a tempting way to survive a costly attack, but it may not be all it's hyped up to be. Expert Mike Chapple examines. Continue Reading

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