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  • NYSE outage highlights need for IT automation

    The NYSE outage has been pegged on gateways that were misconfigured for a software release, something that can be prevented with automation.Continue Reading

  • Insider Edition: Advanced security monitoring scrubs networks clean

    The era of the Internet of Things, bring your own devices and social media has also become an era of highly sophisticated malware. Advanced security monitoring tools are crucial in the fight to protect the enterprise network.

    This Insider Edition of Information Security offers the latest on these tools and how IT pros can best benefit from them. First, we review their newest capabilities, which include the ability to collect and scour immense amounts of data; some tools also have a capacity for learning. Next we talk to network security pros on the frontline, and how they are employing security monitoring tools. Finally, we examine the endpoint protection market, which was jolted back to life by demands for new levels of network protection in an era of smartphones and smartwatches.

    This issue provides network and security IT pros with step-by-step guidance so they can decide what advanced security monitoring tools are right for their network’s particular needs.Continue Reading

  • Can reviewing credential dumps protect identity information?

    Reviewing credential dumps could potentially save identity information from being stolen and used in a data breach. Expert Randall Gamby explains why it's worth the extra work.Continue Reading

  • How to track and prevent crimeware attacks

    Crimeware is on the rise and enterprises that track attacks can discover malicious software trying to breach the environment.Continue Reading

  • How can CISOs avoid executive turnover after a data breach?

    The executive turnover at enterprises after a data breach is fairly high. Expert Mike Villegas gives some advice on how CISOs can avoid losing their job.Continue Reading

  • The CEO refuses cybersecurity best practices: Now what?

    Some executives don't think cybersecurity best practices apply to them. Expert Mike O. Villegas explains how to handle that situation.Continue Reading

  • Schneier: Incident response management key to surviving a data breach

    Video: Bruce Schneier, CTO of Resilient Systems, talks to SearchSecurity about the importance of strong incident response management in reaction to the 'year of the data breach.'Continue Reading

  • Stop attackers from catching you in a phishing hack

    Exchange admins can use the recent State Department hack as a lesson in the importance of consistent security protocols.Continue Reading

  • Five mobile data loss prevention tools IT needs

    Protecting corporate data is a big job, but IT has a wide variety of tools at its disposal when it comes to data loss prevention.Continue Reading

  • Beyond PCI: Out-of-band security tips for credit card data protection

    Securing credit card data -- both online and at brick-and-mortar stores -- requires security measures beyond those mandated by PCI DSS. Expert Philip Alexander outlines six out-of-band security controls to consider.Continue Reading

  • Is the CISO job description getting out of hand?

    CISO roles and responsibilities are built on impossible standards and unrealistic expecations. Expert Joseph Granneman explains this trend and why enterprises need to reverse it.Continue Reading

  • Five network security lessons learned from the Sony Pictures hack

    Following the Sony Pictures hack, several of the company's network security shortcomings were revealed. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how better network security may have prevented the extent of the breach.Continue Reading

  • Are SIEM products delivering on advanced analytics?

    Faced with a deluge of security and log information, enterprises are overwhelmed by different types of data and finding it harder to respond to potential security events. Interest in security information and event management (SIEM) is increasing as companies look to detect breaches earlier and limit damage, but information overload -- false positives -- and missed signs of advanced attacks continue to be major problems. Big data technologies and advanced analytics have promised to deliver better and more complete threat detection. Should these systems be combined with SIEM products, or is it time to move on? In our cover story, we report on realistic expectations with SIEM products and data analytics today, and what actions companies may want to consider going forward.

    As some enterprises look to advanced analytics for help, we revisit the concept of "good enough" security in the wake of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking scandal. CISOs, chief technology officers, and IT security and risk managers weigh in: Will security management have greater influence on business risk decisions in light of the security implications going forward? We report our findings. Finally, we have all heard about the benefits of vulnerability rewards programs, but what about the risks? Organizations outside of the technology industry may not be convinced about the rewards of bug bounty programs. We explore both sides of the issue.

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  • What the Community Health Systems breach can teach your organization

    The Community Health Systems breach in 2014 provided a learning opportunity for organizations handling PHI. Expert Mike Chapple reviews the key takeaways from the breach.Continue Reading

  • Is cybersecurity insurance valuable to enterprises?

    Cybersecurity insurance is used as a fallback after data breaches, but does it really cover everything an organization needs? Joseph Granneman provides some answers.Continue Reading