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  • In AWS encryption, a little paranoia goes a long way

    IT teams must take a layered approach to AWS security, and encryption is no different. Each Amazon service has different security characteristics, requiring the right security tool. Continue Reading

  • How to secure a cloud workload as it travels between CSPs

    Typically a cloud workload doesn't stay in one spot. Expert Dave Shackleford discusses the best ways to secure traveling cloud workloads as they move across environments. Continue Reading

  • Insider Edition: Beyond 'next gen': Putting a 21st century security strategy in place

    When it comes to having a 21st century security strategy, new thinking is critical. The network perimeter is essentially dead, but there are still plenty of firewalls guarding enterprise IT at crucial points. But it's time to stop hiding behind the "Next Gen" nomenclature and figure out what technology is really new and what you should be considering adding to your defense posture in order to achieve actual 21st century security in your enterprise.

    This Insider Edition of Information Security magazine examines what is actually new and useful in the realm of devices that protect traffic passing from one network to another. The increase in rule complexity and statefulness at the perimeter also begs the question of where these devices blur into the world of network analytics systems that are specifically aimed at advanced threats on the wire. What, in short, is the optimal deployment for stopping as much trouble as you can before it hits valued network-connected assets? Continue Reading

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