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  • Microsoft EMS features to know in Office 365, Exchange

    The Microsoft EMS adds capabilities such as document encryption and threat detection to Office 365, but a subscription may not be necessary for every organization. Continue Reading

  • MH-CURE's healthcare secure messaging app helps improve ED efficiency

    Running around the halls of a hospital to find a doctor or nurse takes precious time. With healthcare secure messaging, one hospital is working to improve communication and efficiency. Continue Reading

  • Cloud data security skills to set your business apart

    The wave of high-profile data breaches has led many customers today to take data security more seriously, and, as a result, many of them are turning to partners to safeguard their cloud data assets against developing threats.

    In this three-part handbook, experts in the cloud data security space provide tips and insight to help establish and differentiate your business. We provide an overview of the emerging opportunities in cloud data security consulting, outlining the skills that service providers need to protect their clients and earn their trust. We also examine an important issue involving cloud encryption services: Who should own the encryption keys? Finally, we explore the value of security certifications and what internal measures cloud partners can take to bolster their security practices.

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  • Data protection and security incident response when all information is a target

    Data breaches have become increasingly commonplace for businesses, and every company that has an online presence is a potential target for hackers: High-profile hacks of Target Corp. and Anthem Inc., to name a few, show how valuable personal data has become to nefarious parties. In addition to customer data, companies must make sure sensitive company information such as trade secrets and intellectual property are protected as well. To face these constantly evolving data security threats, businesses have been forced to completely revamp their approach to information protection and embed security into data governance and business processes. In this handbook, learn about the pressing information security vulnerabilities facing modern companies and advice to implement governance strategies that keep your data secure. Continue Reading

  • SQL Server 2014 features enable hybrid cloud scenarios

    Microsoft continues to improve integration between on-premises data centers with Microsoft Azure. An expert looks at SQL Server 2014 features that enable hybrid cloud scenarios. Continue Reading

  • 'Going dark': Weighing the public safety costs of end-to-end encryption

    'Going dark' -- or the FBI's inability to access data because of encryption -- could put public safety at risk, intelligence officials say. But tech companies argue that strong encryption is needed to protect corporate and customer data. Continue Reading

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