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  • Minecraft paves the way to grow enterprise SDN, seriously

    Insight from the Minecraft video game points to how enterprise SDN adoption could grow faster with a single interface for monitoring, confirmation and troubleshooting. Continue Reading

  • The secrets of proper firewall maintenance and security testing techniques

    The Verizon 2015 PCI Compliance Report cited a lack of firewall maintenance and security testing as major causes for compliances breaches. Expert Kevin Beaver offers tips to successfully manage these tasks. Continue Reading

  • Embedded software, IoT development demand careful scrutiny

    New technology is expected to fail occasionally. Issues like outages and broken code can even be used as learning opportunities for application developers. But failure is much less acceptable when it comes to embedded software. IoT development needs to be as flawless as possible.

    The problem is, IoT makes use of the cloud, which is notoriously patchy. But developers must learn that they can't use the same approach to IoT development that they use with other cloud projects. Everyday devices like toasters and thermostats can't fail just because they have nifty new capabilities. Developers need to prepare for the pitfalls and security risks they may face and integrate developing standards that can help keep their IoT devices running smoothly. In this three-part guide, SearchSOA contributors provide security tips and tricks for IoT development.

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