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  • IIS exploits in Windows Server and how you can fix them

    There are several flaws in IIS that can jeopardize the security of Windows servers. Here are some of the top threats and how to solve them. Continue Reading

  • Read and write considerations when designing APIs

    This is the third installment of a four-part series offering enterprise architects advice for designing APIs. Continue Reading

  • respawning cookie

    A respawning cookie is a standard HTTP cookie backed up by data stored in additional files that are used to rebuild the original cookie when the user visits the originating site again. A 2009 study,” Flash Cookies and Privacy,” showed that cookies were reappearing or “respawning” after deletion. The paper revealed that 50 percent of the 100 top websites were using a method of tagging user browsers with a unique identifier that could not be easily deleted. Continue Reading

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