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  • How to build an incident response toolkit for enterprise security

    When hackers kick the door down and are ransacking your enterprise, the security team needs to be equipped with the right incident response toolkit to mount a fast, effective reaction. The right forensic data needs to be stored, the right stakeholders notified and the organization's focus has to be maintained. Increasingly, these needs are overseen by purpose-built systems, and they can save enterprises from a whole host of ills. IR tools work with existing security controls to gather the necessary insight for response via system logs, netflow, identity information and endpoint alerts to evaluate all security-related anomalies across the network environment.

    This Buyer's Guide on IR tools explains what you need to know before investing in IR management products. It explains how IR tools work, what capabilities they should have and offers a 'bottom line' assessment of what you should do before investing in products for your enterprise incident response toolkit.

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  • Cyber Guerilla

    In this excerpt of Cyber Guerilla, authors Jelle van Haaster, Ricky Gevers and Martijn Sprengers discuss the various roles hackers play. Continue Reading

  • Bug bounties: How does Apple's program compare to others?

    Apple has started to offer bug bounties to researchers who find vulnerabilities in iOS. Expert Michael Cobb compares Apple's program to that of other companies. Continue Reading

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