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  • virtual honeypot

    A virtual honeypot is software that emulates a vulnerable system or network to attract intruders and study their behavior. Virtual honeypots contrast with hardware-based honeypots, which are dedicated computers, networks or network segments designed to serve the same purpose. Virtual honeypots, as virtual machines, may exist in multiple configurations on a single computer or appliance to emulate various systems and vulnerabilities. Continue Reading

  • Google Hack Honeypot (GHH)

    A Google hack honeypot is a system designed to be vulnerable to sophisticated search engine queries for the purpose of attracting hackers and studying their behavior. Google hacking (sometimes called Google dorking) is the use of advanced search operators to access hard-to-find information. Although Google hacking has many valid research purposes, it's also employed by attackers to gather information that can be used for illicit purposes, such as identity theft or corporate espionage. Continue Reading

  • The new infonomics reality: Determining the value of data

    Is your enterprise ready to derive top dollar from your data? Infonomics is the field that treats corporate information as a valuable asset, but how to properly assign that value is the million-dollar -- or is that billion-dollar? -- question for many CIOs. In this issue of CIO Decisions e-zine, SearchCIO Senior News Writer Nicole Laskowski examines how today's companies are using infonomics to their economic benefit and provides six steps for measuring the value of an organization's unique information assets.

    Also in this issue, SearchCIO Executive Editor Linda Tucci talks to Dell CIO Andi Karaboutis about how she transformed her 5,000-person-strong IT department from an order taker to a business maker; we look at balancing the need for more data with the desire for clean data; and take a cautious look at the ways in which disruptive technologies affect the human condition. Continue Reading

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