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  • Learn the many benefits of SDN for clouds and clusters

    The benefits of SDN include flexibility, control, reduced costs and increased performance. As it's becoming more widely used, you should familiarize yourself with its processes. Continue Reading

  • AWS instance types come in many shapes and sizes

    AWS instance types come in a wide range of options, each geared to specific purposes and workloads. This three-part guide looks at the different kinds of AWS instance types and common uses for each. It also explains how to best choose instance types, how to move from one instance type to another and takes a look at AWS hosting costs.

    You need to choose the correct AWS instance type for your workload or you'll end up paying too much and likely underutilizing that instance type -- with Amazon cloud pricing models, you're paying for spinning resources that you're not using. Some companies use Reserved Instances for workloads they know will be running for one to three years. Others choose (and bid on) spot instances, for one-off projects. On-demand instances are charged at a fixed rate per hour, often for test and dev projects, so an AWS cost calculator helps provide cost certainty.

    In 2016, Amazon introduced a new pricing model for AWS Reserved Instances. While this model may result in savings, there's question of whether it will be worth it when the additional management overhead is factored into the equation.

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  • IoT and the big gap

    From initial IoT concept to commercialization of an IoT project, there is a big gap. The industry needs new tools need to fill this gap. Continue Reading

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  • Internet of things challenges are many, but security tops the list

    Organizations that choose to tackle the long list of internet of things challenges know that security-related issues must be at the top of that list: A plunge into the world of smart, connected devices inevitably comes with a whole set of security concerns and requires knowledge of IoT security best practices. In this three-part technical guide, we survey how the rise of the internet of things affects enterprise security and the work of infosec pros.

    It opens with a technical tip focused on five steps infosec pros can take today to secure the interconnected devices traversing their enterprise network and carrying around corporate data.

    Next, one of our experts focuses in on the process of hardening individual devices to minimize the chance of compromise by bad actors. We close with a third tip filled with actionable advice on conducting proper IoT security testing.

    This three-part guide is filled with best practices for IoT security, looking at such things as raising awareness of potential security threats wrought by IoT and how to test your defenses in the IoT era. Readers will come away with a deeper, more detailed understanding of the nature of the internet of things challenges and a solid list of IoT security best practices.

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  • How can CIOs make a business case for a new ERP system?

    CIOs can boost the likelihood of buy-in for a new ERP system if they focus on two factors involved in leadership's decision making. Here's a look at what those are. Continue Reading

  • How to set up an IT disaster recovery plan for VDI

    VDI shops should keep a few key considerations in mind when planning for virtual desktop disaster recovery, such as which applications are most important to business operations. Continue Reading

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