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  • CIO Leadership Award winner practices three types of innovation

    Creativity doesn't come in one flavor at CDM Smith. CIO David Neitz talks about the three types of innovation that keep this engineering firm moving forward. Continue Reading

  • Enterprise DevOps and the CIO perspective

    Many IT and business professionals believe that enterprise DevOps -- the practice of putting developers and the IT operations people together so that building, testing and releasing software can happen more rapidly, frequently and reliably -- is the answer to building resilient systems that can change and scale in response to evolving business needs. But despite the many benefits of moving to an enterprise DevOps model, deploying it presents huge challenges, according to CIOs who have made the journey.

    In this issue of CIO Decisions, Mary K. Pratt details the various skills CIOs and IT executives will require as they transition to an enterprise DevOps model. Plus, we delve into how the CDOs of SAP and the City of Boston use the language of experimentation, rather than failing fast; chat with consultant Bob Egan about why the mobile cloud is today's new center of innovation; and explore how one U.K. hotel chain used an API strategy to cut out the middleman and get closer to their digital customers.

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  • Change the recipe for success

    Enterprise mobility isn’t like rotisserie chicken. You can’t just set it and forget it. Going mobile is an ongoing process. It doesn’t start with BYOD and end with enterprise mobility management. ... Continue Reading

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  • Enterprise mobile strategy: Step up security

    CISOs are tasked with developing an effective enterprise mobile strategy that offers different levels of mobile security, from device management to application-layer controls. Some companies are moving beyond device management and containerization to protect the data layer. An effective enterprise mobile strategy can increase employee productivity, but how can security programs strike a balance between user experience and information security? In this issue of Information Security, we talk to companies about their enterprise mobile strategies to find out what works and what doesn't.

    Even with all the momentum in advanced authentication, some enterprises show no signs of moving beyond usernames and passwords. Why isn't advanced authentication, such as one-time passwords or multifactor authentication (MFA), widely deployed? Despite the challenges of implementing and maintaining strong authentication methods, they provide significant benefits over password-only authentication mechanisms. The consumerization of MFA may lower costs. We look at strong authentication strategies and best practices for these methods on premises and in the cloud.

    Also, we continue our Readers' Top Picks series with a look at enterprise encryption tools. TechTarget polled 1,435 IT and security professionals at medium-to-large enterprises who told us that they have active encryption projects or technology purchases in the next 12 months. Look for a shortlist of products and features from readers who plan to invest in enterprise encryption tools.

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  • Digital innovation hinges on strong leadership, collaboration

    The cure for a digital innovation culture crisis is a strong dose of CEO and CIO leadership, according to Mendix co-founder Derek Roos. Continue Reading

  • Without IT process documentation, companies risk being held 'hostage' by IT

    As cybersecurity breaches surge, it's important that company leadership know what IT is up to. Kevin McDonald explains why IT process documentation is a must-have best practice. Continue Reading

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