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  • Best video conferencing strategy: One size doesn't fit all

    For a long time, room-based video conferencing systems were the de facto choice for many enterprises in terms of quality and affordability. Early telepresence suites were rigid and expensive, and desktop video didn't have the best reputation for providing an enterprise-grade experience.

    But room-based systems had their own limits, which became more apparent as enterprises embraced mobility, cloud and more distributed architectures. However, as the quality of all types of video conferencing has improved, costs have gone down, and software-based systems emerged, enterprise video conferencing is more flexible than ever. That's why the best video conferencing strategy today is one that doesn't rely on a one-size-fits-all approach, but rather allows for a mixture of different types of endpoints to match user needs.

    In this edition of Network Evolution, find out how enterprise IT pros are diversifying their deployments to get the most out of their investments and the best video conferencing adoption rates possible.

    Also in this issue, learn more about what it takes to run a network where wireless is the primary means of connectivity for end users. Network engineers share their experiences, the challenges they faced and what the move has meant for their businesses. We also take a look at career opportunities for networking professionals -- namely, how to figure out whether working for an enterprise or a service provider is a better fit for you.

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  • Overcoming the challenges of a complex ERP environment

    Mergers and acquisitions can present technical challenges that undermine planned revenue growth. Learn how ERP complexity can stunt business growth. Continue Reading

  • Vendor relationships: Five ways partners can forge closer ties

    Want to grow your business with your top product vendors? Here are five tips for channel partners seeking to create closer ties. Continue Reading

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  • The fate of the enterprise data center

    The growth of cloud computing has slowed down the growth of the traditional enterprise data center. According to research by Cisco, the industry will experience whopping growth in cloud data center traffic of 5.4 zettabytes between 2013 and 2018. Yet despite how "large and ungainly" it is, CIO expert Harvey Koeppel contends that the enterprise data center will likely stay with us for a few more years. But Koeppel also admits that it's hard to predict the changes that lie ahead for the typical data center, particularly taking into account factors such as digital business and the Internet of Things.

    In this SearchCIO handbook, Koeppel offers CIOs and IT executives five tips on how they can prepare for this enterprise data center of the future. In our second article, CTO Niel Nickolaisen explains why running the data center of the future isn't in his docket -- he's leaving that to the specialists. Finally, technology writer Mary K. Pratt details how, while many organizations today are pursuing cloud-first strategies, plenty of CIOs have compelling reasons for choosing to still keep some services on-premises. Continue Reading

  • Seven cloud security risks that will ruin your day

    Placing data -- and trust -- in public cloud has its risks. While tools and services can boost cloud security, here are seven risks that can ruin a project. Continue Reading

  • Sourcing the modern data center

    Significant IT expenditures can represent a make-or-break moment for the department, especially in this economic climate. In terms of selecting data center hardware, planning can go a long way, and selecting the right mix helps to minimize waste and maximize efficiency. A single-vendor data center approach could be the right way to go, but there has been debate as to whether multiple vendors may be the best solution for IT shops. The right answer depends on an organization’s particular needs. IT decision-makers should examine all of the possible solutions, choose the best vendor and then integrate other vendor products if it makes sense to mix and match. Continue Reading

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