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  • Defense-in-depth strategy: Growing cyberthreat intelligence

    Cybersecurity defense in depth needs to learn from the military strategy it originated from. Expert Peter Sullivan explains where cybersecurity should not deviate. Continue Reading

  • Drawing business value from GRC analytics

    Governance, risk and compliance processes face numerous complications in the digital age. Companies' data volumes continue to grow exponentially, while information security threats and regulatory mandates constantly evolve. Digitization does have its GRC benefits, however. The vast amount of data stored by the average modern company presents a treasure trove of analytics information that can help prevent future security incidents and regulatory infractions. These GRC benefits extend to the rest of the business as well, potentially improving customer relations, streamlining resources and boosting the bottom line. In this handbook, learn how companies can draw business value from GRC analytics data and develop strategies to incorporate analytics best practices that will benefit company-wide business processes. Continue Reading

  • Security attack? New defenses in 2016 escape compromise

    Worried that attackers may know your infrastructure better than you do? Cyberthreats are learning fast from defenses that detect them. New strategies focus on what happens next. Continue Reading

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  • Detecting and Combating Malicious Email

    In this excerpt of Detecting and Combating Malicious Email, authors Julie JCH Ryan and Cade Kamachi discuss the elements of an email structure and touch on how attackers can use these elements to trick unwitting victims. Continue Reading

  • How can the Terracotta VPN attacks be detected?

    Threat actors in China are using VPN services to hide and anonymize their attacks. Expert Nick Lewis explains how to get a handle on these VPN-enabled threats. Continue Reading

  • Leaky enterprise? Data loss tops mobile security threats

    Many CISOs are now in the hot seat, seeking better ways to embrace mobility while combating high-priority mobile security threats. As mobile devices become productivity tools, security professionals need to pay attention to data classification and mobile risk assessment. Failed attempts to safeguard enterprise data by banning mobile data access or locking down smartphones and tablets demonstrate a pressing need for more effective strategies against mobile security threats. We explore pitfalls to avoid and best practices that have proven effective. Learn about emerging technologies -- from containerized apps to context-aware policies -- that can help your enterprise stop costly mobile data leaks.

    Integration and better performance is the name of the game as enterprise firewalls offer greater visibility, next-generation IPS and advanced threat functionality without slowing down the network. We asked readers who plan to invest in security technology in the next the 12 months which enterprise firewalls and advanced threat detection tools made it onto their short lists. We unveil Readers’ Top Picks for enterprise firewalls from perimeter to next generation systems. We also ask them about the layers of defense, namely advanced threat detection, that they seek for these security appliances. Finally, keeping up with technology advances can become a full-time job. We ask CISOs what strategies they adopt to follow the latest tech and how they find benchmarks to determine its enterprise effectiveness. Continue Reading

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