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  • Three avenues to cloud archiving services

    For customers with significant data and email archiving needs, the cloud has become an appealing storage option. To meet the customer demand for cloud archiving services, IT companies must decide which delivery method makes the most sense for them -- reselling or white-labeling the services, or building their own from the ground up.

    This four-part guide provides an overview of the business benefits surrounding cloud archiving services, as well as three case studies highlighting the different paths companies have taken to crafting their archiving service offerings. You will learn why one IT company chose to build its own archiving infrastructure and why another opted to white-label a provider's email archiving services. You will also learn about the security and regulatory compliance concerns that led a managed services provider to resell cloud archiving service.

    So which approach makes the most sense for your company?

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  • WAN topology contingent on ISP resources, user needs

    When designing a WAN topology, enterprises have to carefully balance their requirements against what their service providers can offer. Continue Reading

  • FC over Ethernet lowers costs by merging SAN/LAN data centers

    Fibre Channel over Ethernet simplifies the data center and lowers costs by merging storage and data networks. And it doesn't take an all-or-nothing upgrade strategy. Continue Reading

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  • How to manage apps and make them behave

    In today's competitive world, application performance is more important than ever. Enterprises are relying on a new generation of tools designed to let them diagnose application performance management issues -- identifying whether performance problems stem from the network or the application itself. As mobile and the cloud become more pervasive, engineers and network administrators are also using APM platforms and software to ensure that voice, video and data traffic meet strict performance guidelines.

    This technical guide reviews the key features enterprises need in their application performance management (APM) tools. These tools today must be able to cope with a hybrid service-delivery environment that is heavily dependent on east-west flows among clouds of service components. To do this requires that the tools be located near the services; this guide explains how to accomplish that, and also reviews other key features of modern APM tools. In addition, other chapters delve deeply into what can go wrong in app performance and ways to troubleshoot when they do.

    In this guide, networking pros will find answers to many of their app performance problems, as well as detailed, actionable advice.

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  • The lurking dangers of managed server hosting

    Under the allure of outsourcing the data center, IT spending changes radically and infrastructure control slips from your staff's tight grip. Are you ready? Continue Reading

  • Big data storage challenges: Speed, capacity and HDFS integration

    Big data infrastructure and analytics are some of the hottest technology topics today, and it can sometimes seem impossible to dissect and digest all the industry information surrounding them. As a revolutionary way of thinking about data and the way it's used and accessed, big data has staked a claim as a legitimate technology sphere. But what are some of the big data storage challenges storage professionals must deal with when architecting their systems to take advantage of everything the technology has to offer? This technical handbook offers practical advice and how-to tips for establishing an organizations' big data project goals, and delves into areas such as the speed at which analytical processes must deliver results, the ability to scale capacity and integrating HDFS with storage. Continue Reading

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