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  • Lessons from the Conficker botnet, seven years later

    Though one of the largest botnets ever was sinkholed seven years ago, it still infects millions of machines. Expert Nick Lewis explains what enterprises can learn from Conficker. Continue Reading

  • Security startups tackle the art of deception techniques

    Distributed decoy systems aim to take deception by defenders to the next level. Will a network of traps and lies change the rules of engagement? Continue Reading

  • Emerging security threats from every which way

    Lethal threats to enterprise information security are emerging from every which way. This ISM Insider Edition looks at what security professionals are up against: state-sponsored attacks, the rise of hacking via social media, and the spread of small, relatively autonomous devices with sensors and networking chips.

    Besides the need to watch out for attacks from China, North Korea and other nations, today’s security pros must beware of the individual hacker, who has become more potent. Blended threats and improvements to man-in-the-middle exploit kits have made malware more available to less-skilled cybercriminals who can now launch drive-by attacks with just a few mouse clicks. Continue Reading

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  • How can sinkholing improve advanced threat defense?

    Learn how sinkholing is helping security experts analyze infected devices and even disable malware in compromised endpoints. Continue Reading

  • The malware lifecycle: Knowing when to analyze threats

    Not responding to low-level threats can be perilous, yet enterprises can't always examine each issue. Expert Nick Lewis explains when an investigation is imperative. Continue Reading

  • What CIOs need to know before delving into enterprise IoT projects

    The Monsanto Company, the world's largest seed company, has turned to the Internet of Things to solve one of the food industry's biggest problems: how to feed an extra 2.3 billion people around the world by 2050. And they're joined by other enterprise CIOs who have decided to explore IoT -- which requires surveying uncharted territory such as new platforms, emerging concepts like edge computing and partnerships with vendors. But these CIOs must also address existing challenges that come with pursuing enterprise IoT initiatives, such as forging better relationships with the business. In this issue of CIO Decisions, find out what aspects of IoT CIOs need to understand before they get started on an enterprise IoT project.

    Also in this issue, we look at how free app Duolingo teaches users foreign languages through crowdsourcing; investigate how one CIO's team made the "big switch" from technology supplier to IT service provider; explore why, as IoT matures, CIOs must engage with operational technology; ask an expert why enabling digital transformation requires a solid platform; and go through the five problems CIOs need to avoid so they don't put their careers at risk. Continue Reading

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