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  • Why signature-based detection isn't enough for enterprises

    Signature-based detection and machine learning algorithms identify malicious code and threats. Expert Michael Cobb explains how both techniques defend networks and endpoints. Continue Reading

  • Cloud malware: A growing problem for public CSPs

    High-profile cloud malware attacks are increasing and enterprises need to understand the threat. Expert Dave Shackleford explains these malware campaigns. Continue Reading

  • Security attack? 2016 defenses focus on damage control

    What methods are attackers using to find vulnerabilities in corporate networks? Are these security attacks really advancing? We look at the latest hacking techniques and find out from top security researchers how malware and advanced cyberthreats are evolving. What steps can enterprises take in the coming year to bolster their threat defenses against multilayered security attacks? Our analysis lays the groundwork for 2016.

    Even with the right tools in place, sometimes a security attack triggers an emergency response. Providers of professional incident response services can quickly bring the additional resources and the expertise that companies often need to handle a rapidly unfolding cyberthreat. But there's a lot you need to do to get the best out of these services. We deconstruct the emergency incident response process, from scoping the problem to contact and remediation to reporting post-incident.

    We continue our Readers' Top Picks series with a look at two categories likely to be top of mind this year -- cloud security and data loss prevention. We crunch the numbers on survey respondents who indicated plans to invest in these tools in the next 12 months. We report on respondents' shortlists of potential providers, feature wish lists and key reasons for rolling out these projects. Not surprisingly, technology integration scored high among the readers polled; 70% said they are more likely to deploy DLP products if they are offered as a suite of interconnected tools.

     Continue Reading

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