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  • Mobile data backup vs. sync and share

    Mobile data backup remains challenging for many in IT, with some departments ignoring it completely. Such a decision can, and most likely will, result in the loss of critical data. But interest and awareness of data loss risks associated with mobile devices -- along with concern -- is growing. And, these days, there are quite a few products available to protect data on mobile devices. Some can perform actual backups of data on smartphones and tablets, but most use a process known as file synchronization to ensure that data is protected. This file synchronization process is very effective for many organizations, but in some cases, it may not meet data protection needs.

    This Drill Down lays out the challenges that come up with mobile data backup, the products available today, the differences between mobile data backup and sync and share, and the options you have to employ either (or both) technologies. You will also learn how to evaluate products to help you decide if they offer the functionality your organization needs.

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  • Consider identity federation for mobile cloud app requirements

    While traditional IT perimeter security worked well for decades, today's mobile cloud apps demand a different approach: identity federation. Continue Reading

  • Exploring HP's enterprise content management tools

    HP offers a set of enterprise content management tools that provide integrated document management, records management, workflow, capture and search. Continue Reading

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