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  • May 06, 2016 06 May'16

    Safe sec

    Yes it was World Password Day on 5th May and nonagenarian actress Betty White finds that passwords annoy the "f" "beep" out of you. Perhaps that's why the UK director general for cyber security at ...

  • April 13, 2016 13 Apr'16

    MIT designs Wi-Fi people locator for cash-strapped businesses

    MIT researchers' Wi-Fi people locator could benefit small businesses. The technology could lead to password-free Wi-Fi in cafes and better climate control systems in offices.

  • March 18, 2016 18 Mar'16

    Seif project makes Web security a priority

    Creating a safer Internet has become a central topic of discussion at Fluent 2016. The Seif project is one attempt to improve Web security and deliver trusted infrastructure to the Web.

  • February 17, 2016 17 Feb'16

    Court rules Apple needs iPhone backdoor; Tim Cook opposes

    A court order has ruled that Apple needs to create an iPhone backdoor to unlock the device used by the gunman in the San Bernardino killings, but Tim Cook opposed the ruling.

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  • Office 365 management tips for Exchange administrators

    Going to the cloud can alleviate a lot of mundane duties, but there are still common tasks required for managing Office 365. Continue Reading

  • Security testing basics: Fending off hackers and crackers

    It's critical to apply security testing into your app, as cybersecurity affects everyone. Testing before production can help prevent attacks. Expert Gerie Owen explains further. Continue Reading

  • How to choose the right SSO technology for a healthcare organization

    There are various types of single sign-on technology that can be applied in any professional environment, including within healthcare facilities, to help authenticate users without requiring them to remember a multitude of different password and login combinations.

    In this Buyer's Essentials guide, health IT expert Rick Krohn explains the differences between federated single sign-on (SS0), enterprise SSO, Web SSO and other SSO approaches. Krohn details why SSO in healthcare facilities can change depending on if business is conducted with outside partners or within their own building. Krohn also lists some criteria to help organizations that are on the hunt for SSO technology. He writes that they should identify the problem they are trying to solve, evaluate the systems that will be involved with any SSO they purchase and assign as many internal resources as is appropriate to aid the organization during the SSO transition, all while staying patient in their search for the right product.

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