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  • Best programming languages for enterprise development

    There's no shortage of choice when selecting the best programming languages for back-end apps. Learn what the ultimate decision depends on. Continue Reading

  • Why Java is the most popular programming language

    Roger Smith examines why 20 years after its release, Java tops the TIOBE index as the most popular programming language. Continue Reading

  • How a mobile center of excellence can jumpstart your strategy

    Picture this: Your organization has a bunch of people who want to develop a mobility initiative, but they all work in different departments and have no reason to communicate with each other. Your mobile strategy stagnates.

    Now, imagine all those people working together to create, implement and manage an ongoing approach to empowering mobile users. That's what a mobile center of excellence (MCOE) can provide.

    This month's cover story delves into how these structured groups work, why they're important and who should be involved. Working in tandem with that strategy, organizations need to choose mobile app developers and designers carefully. This month's columns explore the options for staffing and app dev platform tools. Plus, we take a look at the IT certifications available to mobility professionals. And as the Citrix Synergy 2016 conference approaches, editor in chief Colin Steele chats with the company's new CEO, Kirill Tatarinov. Continue Reading

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