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  • Self-taught software developer shares her story

    A self-taught software developer shares what it's like to be a female software engineer in a time where women in technology are still all too uncommon. Continue Reading

  • Speeding up predictive modeling techniques pays business dividends

    Predictive modeling and analytics is all about finding insights in data. But it isn't an academic exercise, and accelerating the delivery of those insights can pay off big in business value. Continue Reading

  • Survive and thrive in cloud DevOps

    Research shows that more companies are adopting DevOps, or the blending of an organization’s application development and systems operations teams. Cloud DevOps is a natural fit for many organizations because it enables faster development and deployment of applications.

    So how is cloud DevOps winning people over?In this three-part guide, SearchAWS contributors explore how companies are embracing cloud DevOps. First, Valerie Silverthorne talks to industry experts about how cloud DevOps can make life easier for IT teams and developers. Next, Dan Sullivan goes over AWS OpWorks and its impact on security. George Lawton closes with a look at how security operations management can improve security on AWS applications. Continue Reading

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