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  • Should risk management planning include root cause analysis?

    Incorporating root cause analysis in risk management planning could be beneficial to developing a security plan, but is it the best time for it? Continue Reading

  • Managed security service providers: Weighing the pros and cons

    Using a managed security service provider can be an appealing option to enterprises, but there are many factors to consider before making the move to outsourcing. Continue Reading

  • Protecting data on the go

    Ever since the dawn of the BYOD era, personal and business data have comingled. Enterprise security pros need to not only secure company-owned devices; they must also protect the business data that ends up, inevitably, on smartphones, tablets and laptops that the employees own and carry everywhere.

    This technical guide considers in depth two recent security concerns: the security risks created by insecure implementation of cloud backups by mobile and the phenomena known as BYOD mobile app data slurping. Then, in our concluding chapter, we consider the best means to approaching mobile data protection today. We cover how to approach creating a mobile application security program that employees will accept and follow. We also consider when and how to employ a mobile app reputation service, in order to weed out which apps are likely malicious. Specific tools for mobile protection -- mobile device management and mobile application management tools -- are also discussed.

    This technical guide provides a collection of information on the latest threats to mobile data as well as advice on how to ensure your enterprise has the best mobile app security possible. Continue Reading

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  • Mitigating AWS compliance and security risks

    Public cloud providers can suffer server failures like any other business. Startups need to be aware of their own risk tolerance while maintaining security standards. Continue Reading

  • Data governance in the digital age

    In the digital age, companies are generating, storing and maintaining a sometimes overwhelming amount of "big data." The trend has forced companies to alter -- and sometimes completely revamp -- information governance strategy. The constant threat of data breaches further complicates governance processes, while compliance rules require innovative methods to track and analyze information. All is not lost, however: With the right big data governance strategy, companies can make sure their information stays secure and compliant, while still taking advantage of the digital assets at their disposal. In this handbook, we’ll discuss the governance complications created by big data and employee mobility, and the latest information management strategies that help organizations adapt to increased storage needs, regulatory compliance mandates and security vulnerabilities unique to the digital age. Continue Reading

  • How to handle security in Agile product development

    In Agile product development, user stories may not be enough to ensure application security. Here are tips for dealing with security more effectively. Continue Reading

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