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  • DDoS attacks on your DNS provider: Developing a response strategy

    Learn from DNS provider NS1's experience with a DDoS attack. Expert Kevin Beaver has tips on developing a mitigation response for a DNS outage in your own enterprise. Continue Reading

  • What to look for in client management tools

    Bringing PC and mobile device management under the same umbrella is clutch for IT today. Shops can get that done by picking the right client management tools. Continue Reading

  • Insider Edition: Secure web apps

    Secure web apps are essential to business. Everyday interactions rely on them, which means security flaws in apps have serious ramifications for enterprises. Most studies conclude that more than half of web applications have critical security vulnerabilities -- but they're not fancy threats; they're things like cross-site scripting and SQL injection.

    In this Insider Edition of Information Security magazine, we explore how to secure web apps, beginning with Mike Chapple's report on security experts' practical advice on web app security in general and recommendations from the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) in particular. Alan Earls then considers the impact of mergers and acquisitions on web application security. Finally, Marcus Ranum talks to Veracode's chief strategy officer about many things, including ways infosec pros and CISOs can prevent app security breaches.

    Readers will come away with a deeper understanding of the challenge of web app security and with practical advice on how to achieve it.

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  • What's New in IAM Security and Strategy

    Most of the pivotal changes in identity and access management, or IAM, were discussed and developed at least ten years ago. Deployment of advanced IAM security technology has been glacial in comparison to most other security technologies because of its unavoidable complexity and its inherent intertwining with virtually every aspect of corporate IT. What's changed in recent years is that some of the use cases that push toward IAM concepts like federation and cloud-based identity stores have picked up considerable steam.

    In this three-part technical guide, we consider how enterprise IAM strategy needs to adapt so that companies can cope securely with paradigm-changing technology like cloud services, software-defined everything and the internet of things. Readers of this guide to IAM security today will learn how IAM strategy and architecture have evolved and how corporations must adapt their systems if they are to employ identity and access management effectively and safely through the next decade.

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  • Managing IoT medical devices poses challenges for IT

    Connected medical devices are becoming more widespread in healthcare, but security and management options are limited for IT teams. Continue Reading

  • Becoming a Global Chief Security Executive Officer

    In this excerpt of Becoming a Global Chief Security Executive Officer: A How to Guide for Next Generation Security Leaders, author Roland Cloutier discusses the primary role of the chief security officer. Continue Reading

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