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  • Securing big data is a growing infosec responsibility

    Learn the ins and out of securing big data, from the key risks facing big data environments to the skills infosec pros need to master to handle this growing responsibility. Continue Reading

  • holistic security

    Holistic security is an approach that seeks to integrate all the elements designed to safeguard an organization, considering them as a complex and interconnected system. Continue Reading

  • romance scam

    A romance scam is a fraudulent scheme in which a swindler pretends romantic interest in a target, establishes a relationship and then attempts to get money or sensitive information from the target under various false pretenses. Continue Reading

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  • Drones, IoT influencing information security regulations

    Calls are growing louder for information security regulations to target consumer-centric technology such as the IoT and drones, but legislating their use could prove difficult. Continue Reading

  • Combatting the top cybersecurity threats with intelligence

    Security professionals are playing an ever-greater role in managing business risk. Their efforts against top cybersecurity threats include investing in the latest defensive tools that promise to shut down attackers.

    At the top of enterprises' must-have security tool list is global threat-intelligence services. Tools that collect the data that intelligence services use, such as security information and event management (SIEM) systems, also rank high on the list. But having the right tools in place is only the first step. They might potentially provide enterprise security teams with the necessary advanced warnings and valuable insights into security threats against an organization's assets, but these teams must know how to make the most of that information. Putting intelligence feeds to use or exploiting the power of data analytics to further security efforts are not simple tasks. This three-part technical guide offers expert advice on how best to employ threat intelligence and other cutting-edge tools to battle the top cybersecurity threats companies face now. It explains not only what these tools can do but also outlines the pitfalls security pros must avoid for the tools to yield their potential benefits.

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  • Printer security: How to differentiate your managed print services

    In the relatively mature managed print service space, printer security creates a compelling differentiator, experts say. Continue Reading

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