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  • The merger and acquisition process: How can organizations stay secure?

    Organizations dealing with the complicated merger and acquisition process can't forget about security. Unfortunately, security presents a whole new set of obstacles. Continue Reading

  • How to correctly install SUSE Manager the first time

    Make sure your SUSE Manager installation goes smoothly by following this step-by-step walkthrough. Continue Reading

  • Cloud data security skills to set your business apart

    The wave of high-profile data breaches has led many customers today to take data security more seriously, and, as a result, many of them are turning to partners to safeguard their cloud data assets against developing threats.

    In this three-part handbook, experts in the cloud data security space provide tips and insight to help establish and differentiate your business. We provide an overview of the emerging opportunities in cloud data security consulting, outlining the skills that service providers need to protect their clients and earn their trust. We also examine an important issue involving cloud encryption services: Who should own the encryption keys? Finally, we explore the value of security certifications and what internal measures cloud partners can take to bolster their security practices.

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