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  • Creating an end-of-life policy for mobile products in the enterprise

    When mobile vendors stop maintaining security on their devices, enterprise data is at risk. Expert Michael Cobb discusses how to assess mobile product end of life and how to create end-of-life policies and controls to maintain BYOD safety. Continue Reading

  • Survive and thrive in cloud DevOps

    Research shows that more companies are adopting DevOps, or the blending of an organization’s application development and systems operations teams. Cloud DevOps is a natural fit for many organizations because it enables faster development and deployment of applications.

    So how is cloud DevOps winning people over?In this three-part guide, SearchAWS contributors explore how companies are embracing cloud DevOps. First, Valerie Silverthorne talks to industry experts about how cloud DevOps can make life easier for IT teams and developers. Next, Dan Sullivan goes over AWS OpWorks and its impact on security. George Lawton closes with a look at how security operations management can improve security on AWS applications. Continue Reading

  • Introduction to security analytics tools in the enterprise

    Expert Dan Sullivan explains how security analysis and analytics tools work, and how they provide enterprises with valuable information about impending attacks or threats. Continue Reading

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  • Gain hands-on security experience in Exchange

    To ensure a resilient Exchange setup, admins must know how to run tests, find vulnerabilities and examine Exchange's reaction to simulated attacks. Continue Reading

  • How can mobile broadband modem security be ensured?

    Mobile broadband modems are becoming popular vectors for attack. Expert Kevin Beaver outlines how to defend against the threat. Continue Reading

  • Embedded software, IoT development demand careful scrutiny

    New technology is expected to fail occasionally. Issues like outages and broken code can even be used as learning opportunities for application developers. But failure is much less acceptable when it comes to embedded software. IoT development needs to be as flawless as possible.

    The problem is, IoT makes use of the cloud, which is notoriously patchy. But developers must learn that they can't use the same approach to IoT development that they use with other cloud projects. Everyday devices like toasters and thermostats can't fail just because they have nifty new capabilities. Developers need to prepare for the pitfalls and security risks they may face and integrate developing standards that can help keep their IoT devices running smoothly. In this three-part guide, SearchSOA contributors provide security tips and tricks for IoT development.

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  • Which controls can prevent multifunction printer security risks?

    Hackers are infiltrating the enterprise through multifunction printers. Expert Kevin Beaver explains how to mitigate the threat and improve printer security. Continue Reading

  • How will Shellshock affect PCI DSS audits for enterprises?

    PCI DSS audits are sure to include a look at Shellshock mitigation. Expert Mike Chapple discusses how organizations can prepare. Continue Reading

  • Are SIEM products delivering on advanced analytics?

    Faced with a deluge of security and log information, enterprises are overwhelmed by different types of data and finding it harder to respond to potential security events. Interest in security information and event management (SIEM) is increasing as companies look to detect breaches earlier and limit damage, but information overload -- false positives -- and missed signs of advanced attacks continue to be major problems. Big data technologies and advanced analytics have promised to deliver better and more complete threat detection. Should these systems be combined with SIEM products, or is it time to move on? In our cover story, we report on realistic expectations with SIEM products and data analytics today, and what actions companies may want to consider going forward.

    As some enterprises look to advanced analytics for help, we revisit the concept of "good enough" security in the wake of the Sony Pictures Entertainment hacking scandal. CISOs, chief technology officers, and IT security and risk managers weigh in: Will security management have greater influence on business risk decisions in light of the security implications going forward? We report our findings. Finally, we have all heard about the benefits of vulnerability rewards programs, but what about the risks? Organizations outside of the technology industry may not be convinced about the rewards of bug bounty programs. We explore both sides of the issue.

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