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  • Automated patching technology: What enterprises should consider

    Enterprises are moving in the direction of using automated patching systems for increased security. Expert Kevin Beaver explains the benefits and drawbacks of such technology. Continue Reading

  • Takeaways from October's IoT DDoS attack

    Preventing events like last month's IoT DDoS attack is critical, as in the future they could impact not only a few devices, but our cars and homes. Continue Reading

  • What advanced security analysis tools are and how they work

    The security analysis tools that provide advanced analytics are essential to counter the latest threats to enterprise systems and data. These products gather and analyze data from many different sources within an organization, and they provide essential insights that help IT security teams and corporate management make more informed decisions regarding IT operations and business services.

    This e-publication looks at available advanced security analysis tools. In three parts, this guide zeroes in on the many categories of security analysis tools, including behavioral threat analytics, big data analytics, predictive analytics and more. It outlines the reasons these advanced tools are necessary in this era of big data. It also outlines how advanced security analysis differs from threat assessments of the past and how advanced security allows infosec pros to automate many security analysis actions that are just too big or complex to conduct manually. Finally, find out how companies using big data security analytics are reporting its business benefit.

    Readers of this publication will come away with a deeper understanding of the need for advanced security analysis tools and how to identify the tool best suited for their enterprise.

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