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  • To defend endpoint security in healthcare, technology teams with training

    At many hospitals and physician practices, endpoint devices -- such as desktop computers, laptops and smartphones -- can become areas for cybercriminals to exploit. However, a combination of high-tech defense and old-fashioned common sense offer potent protection against endpoint breaches.

    This handbook starts off with an article that looks at the security aspects of patient data on mobile devices and how those devices can work with storage technology. It may be best, when possible, to steer clear of storing personal health information on smartphones and tablets. Instead, look to back-end storage options.

    Next, readers can learn about HIPAA breaches and endpoint security in a Q&A with a hospital interim CIO. He recommends using multifactor authentication -- in other words, the practices of using at least two different credentials to verify a user's identity -- as a prime way to protect patient data from breaches that could violate HIPAA requirements.

    The final article pinpoints the security advantages offered by a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), which can help medical facilities sidestep data breaches while physicians use mobile devices.

    These high-tech efforts, combined with improved end-user education, can help clinicians and others in hospitals and physician practices avoid lurking digital dangers that threaten endpoints.

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  • What is the most important technology for a virtual contact center?

    An expert shares four technologies that are key to successful virtual contact centers: integrated contact routing, workforce management, computer-based training and gamification tools. Continue Reading

  • Analytics, performance management boost business success

    More organizations are tapping analytics for innovative workforce management that aligns employee skills and performance with business strategies and bottom lines.

    Our three-part handbook takes a look at how analytics can boost employee performance for improved business outcomes and explains how you can get on board with this HR trend. In the first article, news writer Dan Ring interviews Paul Hamerman, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, on why big companies such as Medtronic, Schneider Electric and Kroger are deploying newer performance management systems.

    Next up, industry analyst Barry Wilderman delves into why continuous feedback is far superior to traditional performance reviews, and how employee performance management software enables ongoing improvement.

    In the third article, executive editor David Essex reports on how HR conference panelists from Chevron, Morgan Stanley and Wal-Mart explained how to build productive relationships between HR analytics teams and the business side.

    Workforce analytics products can't completely replace the human element in human resource management, but they can enable leaders to spend more time on what matters most.

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