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  • Can the new iBanking Android malware be stopped?

    The iBanking malware has evolved to target Android devices. Enterprise threats expert Nick Lewis offers pointers on how to detect this malware on Android as well as prevent the threat. Continue Reading

  • Why mobile user authentication is more important than ever

    Encrypting data is a good first step, but if you don't properly authenticate users, sensitive information can still fall into the wrong hands. Continue Reading

  • Figuring out FIDO as the first products emerge

    The Fast Identity Online (FIDO) standards reached the public draft stage in February, and the first deployments of FIDO-ready technologies followed in April. As industry players such as Google, Microsoft and RSA work on stronger authentication methods that strive to keep personally identifiable information on the client, how will the evolution of two-factor authentication affect enterprise technologies? We look at the security implications of the open FIDO specifications and a range of emerging FIDO-ready technologies that can help security professionals track key developments as adoption of password-free authentication moves a step closer.

    We also report on the evolving roles of CISOs after the Target breach, and renewed calls for federal legislation on data collection and breach notification. Columnist Marcus Ranum interviews Georgia Weidman about pen testing and network compromise. Continue Reading

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