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  • case study

    In a business context, a case study is a documented implementation of something, such as a practice, a product or a service. An organization might deploy, for example, a new business intelligence (BI) platform. A case study of its implementation would involve an exploration of each stage of the implementation and all of the effects on the organization. Continue Reading

  • Four enterprise scenarios for deploying database security tools

    Expert Adrian Lane describes the use cases and ways database security tools are used to boost enterprise security. Continue Reading

  • Use cases for implementing a converged infrastructure product

    An organization can dramatically upgrade its data center by taking the converged infrastructure (CI) path. Working with a CI vendor eliminates significant hassles by bundling compute, storage and networking technologies into a single purchase. This handbook looks at the various pros and cons of converged infrastructure, with real-world examples from organizations that have chosen this approach.

    A converged (or even hyper-converged) infrastructure allows an organization to put the latest technologies into use in the data center, without spending time and money assembling and integrating the various components. Proponents make the case that a converged infrastructure product reduces total cost of ownership, though prospective buyers will understandably want to see a clear route to ROI. The benefits of converged infrastructure are significant, and there's an allure to its simplicity. Knowing that the various technologies fit together, and are in fact optimized from day one, is particularly appealing to organizations that are struggling with the management of disparate IT products and systems assembled over time.

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  • Balance innovation and governance with big data projects

    Analytics opportunities are booming, and surveys show big data projects are growing as well. In the new big data world, that should be exciting news for data scientists and business analysts itching to come up with ways to use all of the information at their fingertips. But the big data frontier isn't all about letting data scientists run wild with the information, and if the public response to the Edward Snowden NSA revelation is any indication, customers won't be happy if organizations let analysts have a free-for-all with their information. Balance is key.

    For some companies, lawyers are getting involved with big data projects. At personal finance software company Intuit, lawyers, analytics managers, data scientists and others teamed up and made rules for accessing and analyzing different sets of customer data. This method may seem like a scary or stifling prospect for some data scientists, but such governance is inherently more collaborative and less controlling, which is a good thing for the analytics and the legal teams. Because the two groups with seemingly opposing objectives worked together instead of reacting to each other, they were better able to meet their objectives.

    But a successful approach to big data projects doesn't have to mean full-on collaboration between lawyers and data scientists. Companies can find the mix of input that works from them. In this e-book chapter, get advice on striking the right balance between maintaining control over the big data analytics process and giving data scientists the freedom they need to do their jobs effectively. Continue Reading

  • What are the best cloud storage use cases beyond backup and archiving?

    Cloud storage doesn't just have to be for backup. According to George Crump, cloud services can make deploying a new application or disaster recovery environment easier. Continue Reading

  • How VMware Horizon View stacks up

    VMware View's storage features, ease of use and manageability help it stand out against other VDI software candidates. Continue Reading

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