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  • Searching for the right WAN connection type

    WAN connection types have evolved from T-1s and ISDN links to dynamic pipes capable of supporting bandwidth-intensive applications. What's next? Continue Reading

  • Craft a strong cloud service-level agreement

    Adopting a service-level agreement is an important part of the software-buying process. Agreements help ensure users get what they expect and consequently help vendors that are able to uphold their end of the bargain retain customers. But service-level agreements for the cloud aren't easy to pin down. Customers need to set up rules for many different circumstances.

    This handbook lays out the steps to crafting a successful cloud service-level agreement. First, consultant Tom Nolle writes about the need to know who's responsible for a cloud service or application and when they're in charge. This will help track future issues to their root cause. Second, freelancer Crystal Bedell talks to industry experts about how to create a successful service agreement for the hybrid cloud. The discussion continues with the idea of responsibility, which is especially acute in the hybrid cloud where public and private clouds meet. Third, Nolle returns and gets into the details of writing a cloud service-level agreement and the myriad details that need to be covered to ensure users adopt one that will be effective. He covers how application workflows, multiple players, network connections, border crossings and potential violations should be addressed in a cloud service-level agreement. Continue Reading

  • Do the benefits of hybrid SharePoint outweigh the drawbacks?

    Microsoft is adding new features to accommodate hybrid SharePoint users, but challenges remain, and the SharePoint roadmap likely still leads to the cloud, says an expert. Continue Reading

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