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  • Are microservices a magic wand for legacy software modernization?

    For many organizations, dealing with legacy software modernization is simply a painful fact of life. However, microservices may provide relief. Brad Irby explains how. Continue Reading

  • Application lifecycle management tools finesse app development

    Software development teams in highly competitive marketplaces are constantly under pressure from their companies to be the first to market with the latest and greatest application. That's easier said than done. To streamline the product development process, businesses of all sizes are turning to the latest generation of application lifecycle management tools.

    Offering features such as traceability, visibility, collaboration and virtualization testing, application lifecycle management tools help development teams reverse the "forest for the trees" mentality and narrow their focus on the parts instead of the whole project. By zeroing in on the individual tasks, developers are better able to track their progress, make adjustments as necessary and, ultimately, speed up the development cycle. Continue Reading

  • Network capacity management still a challenge for apps

    Network capacity management challenges are increasing at a faster rate than ever with the robustness of the Internet of Things. Continue Reading

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