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  • Securing your wireless network: Preventing wireless security threats

    This mini learning guide helps enterprise information security managers and executives develop a better understanding of wireless network security and learn why investing time and resources in securing your wireless network can help thwart security threats, such as war driving and password cracking. Continue Reading

  • An introduction to wireless security

    Don't let Wi-Fi become the weak link in your network's armor! Learn the business risks posed by wireless, essential countermeasures that can reduce those risks, and industry best practices for designing, deploying and monitoring secure WLANs. Continue Reading

  • Best practices for securing your wireless LAN

    Perhaps the biggest network security concern for many enterprises is securing a wireless local area network (WLAN). This three-part expert lesson provides best practices for securing a WLAN in the enterprise. Lesson 1 focuses on methods of systematically monitoring your WLAN for intruders and ways to proactively reduce network discovery. Lessons 2 and 3 focus on how to protect users and the network, respectively. Continue Reading

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